Mina Mokhtarzadeh is a versatile painter best known for her abstract art with vibrant colors and peaceful themes. Mina has tried a wide range of media, techniques and styles in her paintings. She is one of the very few female painters in the world that has mastered every style, technique and media she has worked with. Mina has Masters of Art degree in painting and teaches visual arts at her studio as well as in academia. Mina mentions that the books “The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh” and "The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo" had a great impact on her early career. During her travels, nature, architecture and people have influenced Mina’s aesthetics in painting. Mina's works are being exhibited internationally and she has collectors globally. Her successful line of acrylic paintings on canvas will be displayed at Spectrum Miami.





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